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Hey you what can you see? Something beautiful, something free? Hey you are you trying to be me?

Today was kinda lame really. Walked to school and the weather was ewwie, got to form room and then did what...graphics, where Mr Brown was back and i managed to escape homework by being outraged (hehe) and Tom Cooks phone kept bleeping and Piers kept glancing at me seemingly to see if i had noticed this too.

Geography next where i basically read out a load of results and giggled at Mr Boothman with Fay who was hyper and kept mocking him and suchlike. Basically funny ^^ He doesnt have to do anything special, hes a dope show all by himself *blargh*

Break. Walk into library and eye the german girl, then sit down and immediatly make a fool of myself by mishearing what she asks me and...well its embarassing anyway. Somehow alice realises and goes "Aww it doesnt matter," which makes me smile because she normally doesnt notice such things. I would have hugged her, but the table was in the way and i was too busy not looking at anyone and being busy.

The german girl sits in silence as alice hands me the ficcy to read, but as soon as i start to read it she keeps interupting me and asking me things. I cant say i mind, the silence is getting a bit deafening really - the librarian really should remember that thing about people working in here at those moments. I try to answer as best i can and laugh at the vague attempts to ease the tension that coils around us, and the german girl smiles stiltedly because she doesnt seem to understand a word we say. Meep.

Art next and alice asks in a roundabout way to meet at B6, so i agree (why wouldnt i?) and head off to art on my lonesome (i gave her me story hoho i wonder if shes read it all yet) and rule lines on my work and get told im not being brave enough, although i thought i was being damn brave compared to some people.

Wander out of art and trundle up to B6 where i eye Piers through the door before spotting alice so, if i remember correctly, i trundle over there instead and give her a hug. She seems pretty wired, nervous because she wants to please everyone perhaps and doesnt really get how to. We flutter about for a while until jenny turns up and the german girl finds another german and they converse together.

I need a hug! Wails alice, and I feel dead sorry for her and she holds on like a real hug for once and its raining, so jenny runs after Piers and grabs him (damn her) and he says theyre going to the park, so we do, but then we realise micky hasnt showed so we dash about trying and failing to find her and alice gets a bit more wired.

Head off to the park and sit swinging legs on the slides as the rain drips off our silence and everyone except jenny feels uncomfortable. JENNY ARE YOU EVER EVEN AWARE OF THESE SILENCES?? :P Eventually the crew show up, but they dont do much except freya comes over and harasses alice and bitches about her own german partner, while talking to the germans in the sort of tone you use on a mental patient, with your mouth forming wild O's and E's and your eyes wide with intent.

I finish lunch and skip down to alice who is kinda depressed cos she feels she cant talk to the german girl and i know how much she hates silences. Not that im a big fan either. I wish i could help her in some way, but im the silence queen, or so it seems, so i hug her again instead and we get the brolli out and walk home and i insist on linking arms with her because im bloody freezing, and she laughs when i nearly knock her unconscios with the umbrella.

Science in A9 next, but Micky doesnt show for registration. Its pissing it down and her form are out late, but we make it and have a brief stress on where to sit, but then alice has to leave for her music exam so we sit splayed along a row of desks, one to a table, and while the german girl stares in abject boredom, jenny seems to have forgotten anyone exists and is industriosly doing work and i am staring so hard at the sheet that anyone would think i were trying to set it on fire.

And i have no reason why...

Alice comes back and seems dismal and science progresses into RE, and we drop the german girl off at the library and somehow manage to pick up Piers instead and he rolls his eyes and teases us when we hug to say goodbye, so we all ignore him instead and he gives up and saunters into the classroom.

RE is boring, and i dont have a folder. Peter James and his nice hair turn around to watch the viddy, so i have to squirm onto my chair to avoid a)being kicked by him and b) blocking poor tommys view of the scintilating viddddddeeoo. The teacher buggers off, but Peter James still watches the vid, even pausing to ask us when the pictured event is happening. He mystefies me as to how he manages to both do work and keep his reputation. But hes got damn nice hair.

Alice likes adam holt. I think thats kinda wierd since i was staring at him and just thought he looks like a monkey, but then again i didnt get that long to look at him cos he kinda noticed and kinda looked at me kinda funny 0_o.

RE ended and jenny skipped off to go to WE and to cut a long story short Freya found us again and totally bitched about her exchange partner while me and alice tried to discuss HBS and othersuch things and the germans wandered off. Hugged and said bye while Rosie yelled at alice for taking too long or some such thing, and strode home shivering and not-looking-at-dozza.

Got home. Pasted up a load more photos on my wall, so many now they are encroaching upon poor old Mazza like a tide of gay badly posed happiness upon the beach of gothic anger, and theres a thrilling metaphor for you. Then i munched a coconut bar thingy and came on here, and wrote three more thrilling pages of my story and wondered how more OOC it could get. Possibly not much, because they are soo OOC that they never actually had InC so hey.  



Light a candle for the sinners - set the world on fire. I dont believe in nothing that dont believe in me. Anti-people, now you've gone too far...


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