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Strange infatuation seems to grace the evening tide...

Me and the Dragon

8 August
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My Bio: I hate doin Bios. If u wanna talk to me please do, im permanently bored. I like taking random quizzes.

Alexander (the movie) floats my boat. i think its funky... yeah... Go Hephaistion go. Canssander is so swanky just leaning about in the background like 'hell yes...'
I love music, and erm, like writing wierdy psychological stories for kicks.

I love manga and animé and the japanese culture as a whole.
Im all into philosophising. Go Nietzsche go! (i cant spell his name, don't hate me 0_0)
I also love the decadnece of baroque culture, and a heavy dose of rock music - but you can read my interests to find out all about that ^^

I write a lot too, and this can be found at http://www.fictionpress.com/~bel0vedf00l
w00t gogogo!

If you wanna find out about me, read my damned journal and please comment. i make icons and animations on request too, if ya is that way inclined.



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