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Just to say...

Just a quick note to say this journal will now be private - which means no one can read it except myself *bows* If anyone isnt happy about this (yeh right! ^_~) then my reasoning is simple: I realised that explaining myself online for the whole world to see isnt going to make me it any easier for me to understand myself and what I do. So for the last time, I will explain what I'm thinking ^^

I will still post icons, ficcies, pics, quiz results here etc, and if you want any of the above then please just ask and I will be happy to oblige in making/finding you one. Oh and incase anyone is at a loss with something to do now they cannot read the intricate details of my life, then here are some helpful me-related links *grin*

My original stories and poems

My fanfiction

My band piccies & photos & current icons

If anyone is wondering, I will be continuing this journal because simply my memory isnt good enough for me to remember all the good stuff when i'm feeling shit, and having it all written down is so much easier for me to remind myself that really my life isnt the shrivelled set of bollacks I seem to believe it is. So I hope everyone reading this has a good day/night/time, I love you all (you know who you are....or you damnwell should!) and if I ever talk about starting this journal public again, then remind me of my earlier reasoning. Hope you like my private sign *grin* and have had fun reading about my life hoho,

Later dudes.

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