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They say oh, shes changed, but we all know what that means...

Yo all. Not much out of the ordinary happened today. Im currently talking to david. Hes pissed at Mikey because Mikey was saying some stuff, but i kinda didnt understand so defended him and i dont think davey liked it too much. I persuaded him to come back thou ^^ Hehe now im just teasing him about everything i can think of.

Today. Got to work late because the car started bleeping and mother thought it was the airbags and we both got kinda shit scared so dumped the thing and walked. Well, i walked on my own - powerwalked to find they hadnt even noticed i was 5 min late and they were petting a kitten in a big wooly hat. KAWAII! Sadly it was going upstairs just as i came, so i missed it.

Mother foned to say the car was fine (turned out it was the boot wasnt shut :P) and off we went to playgroup, me holding onto Freya. Lala playgroup happened. Isobel whacked me with a hammer a few times before i could grab her, so Daniel (annoying whiny blonde with nasal and speech problems arrrrgg) laughed and started to aswell. I grabbed his wrist, told him no, and levelled a glare at him till his smile died. HAHAHAHA THATS FOR BEING A WHINY BASTARD!! *cough*

Lala. Walked back, had lunch with alice lala nice, went back kinda late but noone seemed bothered. Some idiot got the boats out and karl gave me the hose and turned it on. I poked it in the boat carriage way whatsit, and he was like "You ready?" yep, and on came the water. A few moments past, and i called "How full do you want it?" no answer. I supposed it could handle a bit more, then "Full!" no reply. "Full! Its full! Its really full...."

A few moments later i had run out of buckets and directed the hose into a flower trough. The Karl came out "Nearly done?" he enquired congenially. I strained a grin "More than..." "oh." he turns it off and i try to fish the children out the puddle. Queue an afternoon of EVERYTHING getting wet, of kiddies drinking woodlice and trying to paint my arse with water.

Whoopee. I was enbrolined in a chanting game with freya and helena, which consisted of "Orange balls, the last one down to hit the ground gets to choose their boyfriends name." it was always me, since i am tallest (that was my excuse anyway) so it turned out my boyfriend would be david. I was like 0_o

then they added 'beckham' and i smiled, trying to look pleased. PLEASE GOD NO. Walked home early past the piercings shop and they told me i had to be 16. Oh well, have to go to townie shop. Saw loadsa people from millthorpe including danny symington and his gf, followed by jamie hawker who grinned at me and quirked an eyebrow.

Went into cusp, mother had bought me a cargo jacket thingy. WOOOO. Lala. Got bus home with townie woman who i hated with some kiddies blah. Jenny rang the other nite to ask what i wanted for my birthday hehe, i keep forgetting. I hope it isnt a downer. I hope this course isnt a downer. I hope the whole SUMMER isnt.

At least i got my hugs. I have now gotten a hug off everyone i know, as far as i can think of. Hehe how cool is that? Thats a pretty rocking bday present in itself. Now all i need is more hugs, and longer. All at once would be good too. Muhahahaha.

WHAT THE HELL! Mother just yelled at me to come see out the window, and i did and i looked out and guess who was outside? Tarin and Dozza, dancing, crazily - as in waggling their arms and bodies in slow loops. They were yelling something but i couldnt hear a word, and they were laughing. I kinda hid....but hey. There ya go. Couldnt stand up for laughing. I dunno where the hell they went...dissapearing in puffs of pink smoke probably. Geeeeez.

I just dont listen to the words of fools, i dont give away too much. Im afraid.

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