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All they know, is how to put you down

Today. Just another average day at the nursery. got in late and no one noticed. Playgroup. Lifting kiddies on slides, scooping rice endlessly back into the box, stealing biscuits, washing up and slurping hot/cold chocolate. At the end Lilly was stood in the corner refusing to leave. Everyone else left with cries of "Come on Lilly!" so i was inevitably left to drag her along. She weighs a ton, so the only option besides grabbing her arm and dragging her, was persuading her to come on her own.

I tried the good old 'ill leave without you' but after five minutes and she was completely not bothered, i came back round the corner. She replied no to my every comment, and when iwalked over she folded up into the corner and cried no no no. I pleaded, i begged, i commanded. Eventually, tiredly, i pathetically asked if i could have a hug. She gave me a worn-out look, paused, and then stood up and folded up on me. CUTENESS INCARNATE! Oh thankyou god! I sighed then held out my hand, reluctantly she took it and we had to go out the side door cos the rest had been locked.

Got halfway up the alley (lifting her over binbags) and there was some building work going on, a wheelbarrow full of paving slabs completely blocked the way. I stared at it and hoisted her up (oomph) and then a nice kind friendly builder came down the alley and stared right back at me. I puppy eyeballed him (shes damn heavy orite!) and he finally offers "I can move that if you like," as if i would say no. Yes please. He grabs the wheelbarrow and pushes, but it overbalances and the slabs start to slide. "Craig!" he croaks, red with the effort of restraining all the slabs.

Craig shouts "Just lean them up" so he does and eventually gets the barrow out the way. I smile sweetly at the panting red builder who has veins popping on his head as he strains with the slabs, and stagger past. I dump lilly down a few paces, and we amble back to just catch up with everyone else ^^ YIPPEE. I am enroiled to help with lunch and do so. Eoin never stops eating! Then lunch with alice who talks about the calling concert and then Mrs Davies comes and cant get in.

I let her in, try not to let Ella flood the nursery with the drinks machine, and have a quick interview where i assure her its fun and she goes again. I get sand thrown in my face by the retarded babee and spend the following half hour shaking it our my hair, top, eyes, trousers, ears - you name it.

Tea and wierd viddy. Mother picks me up and were off to tesco for hotpants for holiday and bikini hehe. Listen to nirvana and then get back to get everyone adress and mobile numbers, text Piers, and have strange but nice conversations with david. He is less sarcastic now hehe, so fun! Its nice, hes actually being affectionate for once (even if a 'no its a joke *hugs* damnit *slobbery kisses* last resort' sort of teasing way) which is nice hehe. whoopee im converting the whole world to hugging me. *grin*

Oh baby when you say my name, i get such a thrill inside, at the fire in your eyes - i collide. He comes now and theres nothing to say, he comes now and you dont care anywhere. Its all lies.

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