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Image is a paralysis

Ok. Today. Friday. Mid way through w/e and tea at alices. Hoho. Today was good. It was almost an all good day, and i havent had one of those in a whiiiile. It was funny, Rosie mentioned that Mikey had been around longer than David, but really its the other way round. Alice just never knew him when i did.

Got to nursery early so did a u-turn to kill time and blasted inme and nirvana hoho how nice indeeeeeed. Wore my placebo hoodie again, w00t that thing is so huge and kinda hairy but its damn warm! Scrambled into nursery to find...i forget. I think it was lilly and guy and benedict (new kid, blonde but wan looking) and some others. Took them to playgroup. Actually ate TWO digestives and some hot choccie and played with some kiddies and built a plane and a castle, but guy destroyed it *sob*

Walked them all back and had lunch. Poked head round cafe for alice who got lots of food, and for some insane reason meredith (the cafeworker girl) brought us two hot chocolates. Free. ^^ Nice, but susprising. I wasnt hungry so just pawed alices lunch, and laughed when she brought me a fork since she seemed to be sick of me just mauling it. Lunch went by far too quickly and was spent amusedly pretending we had completely figured out our friends and their relationships. Funfun.

Wandered back with alice, stood outside talking and was promptly ten minutes late, but no one seemed to notice. I totally cant remember it in any decent order. It seems so far away now! I remember that Lynn went at one point and there was Maddy (small, chubby baby who was quick to both cry and smile, ginger haired) and Ella and Lilly all wandering about and M and L both burst into immediate tears. I was like 0_0 stranded between them and Karl goes "Pick her up and hug her!" so i grabbed Maddy and hoped for the best.

Her crying stopped a little so i staggered down to a footstool and spread her on my knee. Probably garbled some nonsense for a while and then started bouncing up and down and flopping her upside down. I didnt get a laugh, but i got a few smiles. I eventually put her down and played with some trains. Helped make playdough. Got round to tidying up and i was midway through putting lego away when Maddy staggers over to me and raises her little arms. "UP!" she demands morosely. I brandish the lego at her but she threatens to burst into tears on me.

I am chuffed, since no kiddy has ever cried for lack of me before. I grab her, hoist her on my hip and plonk a few lego pieces atop her. She grins uncertainly and grabs a piece of train. I tidy up a bit and she notices the butterfly mobile. She reaches for it so i bounce her upwards so she can touch it. This process is repeated at least 50 times, with interruptions of me laughing and spinning her round where she screamed with laughter. I didnt tidy up much, but i wasnt too bothered.

I eventually set her down to trundle over to the house for tea, and notice Ella watching me grinning. I smile at her and she laughs predictably, and then raises her arms. Up? I ask her, and she smiles and nods. Up she goes! So i spin her round, dance over to the house and set her down in her highchair in the house. Heehee.

Tea progresses normally, except occasionally maddy will threaten to burst into tears if someone doesnt pay attention to her. Ella smiles as per usual and eats all the hundreds and thousands toppings off her bread. Lilly wants to go down and sobs bitterly, only to stop when i try to wipe a H&T off her cheek and end up getting it in her mouth - this soon becomes a grand game and i cast around for more sugary droplets to amuse her as she waggles her tongue at me laughing!

I am left to sweep up, and then Jennie comes in so i talk to her for a while about quite a lot of things. She goes "The last w/e girl we had was very shy the first week and then confidant the second. You will find the second week goes even faster than this one!" and i was thinking 'this week went fast? Like hell!'

I leave at just gone 5 and wander over to blakehead to peer into the cafe and spot alice. She eventually notices me and says goodbye to her adult friend dude, and off we trot out the shop - to bump into my mother who reminds me i was supposed to be meeting her. Whoops! I had forgotten.

Mother doesnt mind, so we carry on into town and we are both HyPeR - being with kiddies all day and having to behave mature makes me really childish when i come out! We skip around and have damn wierd convos. Does anyone knnow how long 12inches is in cm? 0:-) Anyway. We get to town about half past, and wander up to HMV to try and find the xisloaded album which should have come out on the 5th. Nope. Virgin? Nope. HMV again - still nope. We are just heading back desulotarily (we discovered it was delayed to be realised) when i spotted a familiar blonde.

Guess who? I knew you wouldnt. I stared in horror, and then jumped up and down waving violently. Danny grinned uncertainly, i dont really know what alice did i was too busy being hyper. I virtually ran over to the pair with a cry of 'I want a hug! Can i have a hug?' and Piers looking bewildered replies "Of course." and gives me the worlds quickest hug (bested only by david, but that has yet to come) Alice catches up with us and giggles and i think she gets a hug too. Piers is like "What are you two ON????" and we just laugh some more and he and danny exchange amused glances.

After insisting we hadnt drunk or taken anything out of the ordinary, and that we were just happy cos it was friday, Danny decides he needs to go. "Oh." Replies Piers "Are you two staying in town?" before alice can answer no, or something equally complicated, i squeak YES! and he grins "Yey i shall just tag onto you then heh." Then danny walks off and he waits, pauses, and runs after him, managing to slap him once before skipping laughing and people dodging back over to us. 0_o

We saunter down coney street and Piers swings himself onto one of the scaffolding thingies and swings there a bit more. Im like 0_0 and then 'Ohhh kewl do it again!' and he is evidently flattered because he replies "Its not hard, you just need to have strong arms and then jump..." he demonstrates and swings a bit longer. Applause and giggling all round.

We reach woolworths and i stare around before noticing david (in a white hoodie!) wandering towards us all composed. I make a running jump and basically land on him with a cry of 'Hug!' and hes like 0_o and lets go of me basically immediatly. It turns Mickey is too exhausted (?) to come and Jenny just doesnt. We hang around a bit and David retrieves a golf ball which they mess with.

Being male they obviosly have to compete in shows of aggressiveness, so every other two minutes they will kick/hit each other or smth like that. Conversation wandered really wildly, and i havent a clue what we talked about but i remember that i dont think anyone stopped grinning at all! (Piers didnt know who Mikey was and insisted he was only hanging around because he wanted to see the gay guy, so i kicked him) Piers at one point swears and looks at his watch "Oh! Only ten minutes have gone by, it feels like half an hour!" which was very true. In a all good way.

Piers smashes david into the window at one point and theyre like "We gotta steal some pick'n'mix!" and then talk about the full monty, which only i had seen :P

Alice suggests maybe Mikey (who is currently 20min late) is at hellraiser so she pushes david in that direction and i grab the sleeve of Piers' t-shirt (after complaining that, unlike david, he had no conveniant items of clothing to hold onto) and drag him up the street.

He laughs, goes slightly red but doesnt pull away so i dont let go. "Oh why dont you just hold my hand?" he challenges grinning, so i roll my eyes at him and let go an ignore him waggling his hand at me. "AWWW! You love me really!" He laughs and grabs hold of me and kinda hugs me in a sideways way that involves still walking. Im like eek but try to look all cute and snuggle up cos his words were sarcastic and that seemed to be the response they demanded (from my hyper mind)

This holds for all of about three minutes (woah) and then he laughs and shove me sideways "Get away!" so i laugh and topple into alice who like a skittle hits david and theyre both like 0_0 so everyone is laughing.

More of people getting dragged sideways until we reach hellraiser, and then Piers sits outside the hoover shop in front of the fan in the window. "Ahh so cooling!" he declares so david goes and sits next to him. We realise perhaps Mikey isnt there, but Piers insists we hang around till he has to go to work.

Oh did i forget? He works in a bistro somewhere, and was currently wearing his uniform. Some part of the convo was about him trying to look respectable. He needed to be at work at half past 6, till 11! It also doubles as his summer job.

I think david kicks him or something (or maybe it was me because he said i had no music taste since i hadnt heard of some band) and he squeaks in indignation "I need to look respectable for my waitressing!" and no one notices except me, and im like 'Waitressing??? *grin*' and he goes bright red and everyone else sniggers and hes all laughing "Yeh i have a really quick sex change,"

Then he pokes me. I yelp and david pokes me too and i yelp again, and Piers mutters "Thats my job!" and david laughs nervously. So Piers pokes me some more. Quite a lot. Suffice to say it was enough to make me completely collapse laughing and yelping and squirming (i dont know WHAT it must have looked like) and since he was behind me he basically had to hold on to me and poke me at the same time.

I kept trying to back away (he was poking my ribs,) so we were like stumbling backwards and at one point i totally flopped on his feet and he was like "0_0 are you oK???" and he pulled me upright and i was laughing so much he poked me some more.

I dont remember when he let me go, or when he started again but there was a bit of conversation inbetween times. At one point, because alice was linked arm with me, Piers goes "Ohhh are you two *gestures* together?" i roll my eyes at him and he grins and lunges for david. "Because me and david are!" david gets roughly hug/squished and squirms irritably but grinning away.

Alice gets foned to say the pizza is in the oven and to damn well get home, and Piers decides he needs to get to work. I suppose it was a goodbye hug, because he grabs me again (the right way round this time) and totally hugs me. And holds on. I'm like eek for a minute, then hug him for a minute, then like erm.... and then he all but lifts me up and starts to walk away. NOW im like eek, and because its instinct i cling onto him as if my life depended on it.

Im stil laughing hysterically (im still hyper) and alice and david are like 0_0 and kinda follow. We get halfway down the street, Piers complaining "I need to get to work you know! You should let go!" while not letting go, and then he suddenly does and i realise im still clinging on like hell so let go. Too busy laughing to wonder or be embarassed about it.

Everyone is laughing even though they are still all 0_0 and then he goes "Awww!" again and "Bye!" and hugs my shoulders awkwardly. Then wanders over to alice like "hug?" and she backs away and hides behind me so he turns on david and is like *lunge* and hugs him. David is like arrggg and struggles and looks miffed, so they shake hands instead (and of course try to crush each other) and i squeak and stamp "YOUR SO MALE!" in exasperation and they both guiltily let go and go red and Piers is like. "You want me to change? I mean-" and he gestures, so i glare at him.

He hugs alice round the shoulders aswell (and pretends to cut her throat, cue convo about it) and saunters off. I think i grab david, and off we go to alices.

I cant remember what we talked about. it was amusing anyway. I persuaded david to put his blades on so he bladed for a bit and alices mum came down the street like "Dont leave the nice young man looking all confused!" and i was like 0_0 laughing, and david skidded to a stop. Rosie came outside and was glaring like "Come ON alice!" and staring at us.

We went in, i picked at pizza and david emptied the salad bowl onto his plate - to everyones amusement. Randomness all round and lots of hysterics from me and alice (earlier Piers had remarked 'you two must REALLY like fridays!' when we kept laughing) I finished early and kept looking across at david, and i hate to make eyecontact (when im aware of it) but he always seemed to. Damn annoying. I noticed he had really dark brown eyes that looked really big, and his pupils were so large his eyes looked black.

Then we all trundled over to 'fondle' the guinea pig. David managed to get covered in shit and it pissed on him, so i couldnt stop laughing and he cornered me but thankfuly didnt wipe anything on me ^_~

Alice played the piano and i half followed david and the gp and then we went upstairs for about 15 mins (we had gotten home late and taken half an hour to eat bleh) and david was like eek at alices room. He called alice fat so i whacked him as hard as i could at the time, and he looked really shocked (and so did alice) so i glared at him and told him that was for insulting my friend. Hoho.

David looked at the photos of us and didnt recognise me, and then mocked me so i kicked him (i was kicking and hugging everyone lots that day). He picked up a suggestive magazine and i glared at him so hard he dropped it and backed away looking scared "Ive put it down!"

He climbed up onto alices bed ("Just so i can actually say ive been in your bed!") and stared at some more random things and laughed at her beyblades piccie. I climbed up after him and kinda threw myself over him, and then alice did too but landed on me. He got down and had to go, but kept coming back in from halfway down the corridor and talking. Eventually he went and we glared after him, then got down and i was fiddling with something. Rosie came in to tell us he had left and alice came over and hugged me and rosie was like 0_o "ALICE! Get off her!"

She was so freaked she actually grabbed alice and pulled her away hehe, i was kinda laughing. Amusing. We left, i got home, read book till 11 and went online. Of course who else was there but david himself. We were both dead tired and kinda chatted anyway, and he seemed to have abandoned his acid humour for good. (except once saying i would skare his skater friends - which he apologised for immediatly)

Somehow i complained i never went out on evenings and he was like "Oh you can come out with me!" and i reminded him he was going to france all summer so he was like "Im out all day tomorow." and i presumed this was an invitation.

After a good hour of confusion (he was uncertain and i was doubtful) we established he would call for me after going to rowntrees and, err, argos. To all appearences, he would also be alone - which surprised me. But hey.

He then said he was curled up laid down with the keyboard on his stomach and i was like 'aww cute i can imagine it!' (i actually said aww cute to him earlier in a really awwww kinda voice, he glared at me sooo hard ^_~) and he was like "Oh and im just in my boxers, if that helps." and i laughed and he added "and some whipped cream..." and then asked me what i was wearing.

Eventually said goodnight.

Feed me all your memories, and i'll wash it down with all of your goodness. I just cant seem to change, you lied to me, you lied to me! You dont even know my name! I choose to be a dreamer, but your reality seems sweeter. To taste you would turn my whole life around...

Image is a paralysis. Sever my memories. I only wanted what was fair, and for you to...be there.   
Im taking, more than i deserve - cos everyone has left me. Im leaving, more than i deserve - cos I have gone too far now........I KNOW......


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