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Burn the witches dont take time to sew the stitches, burn the witches now....

Did i mention i spent tuesday afternoon cutting round bucket & spade templates to stick on a big sand covered photo display of their trip to the seaside? Everything kept falling off hoho. Its soo sweet, all the little kiddies will just randomly hug and kiss and pat and stroke each other regardless of gender or age. Its just...they learn all this 'dont play with boys. boys dont play with dollies' shit elsewhere, its not like theyre born like that. Screwy, but majorly sweet ^^

Pissing it down today, despite the fact its supposed to be summer *sigh* Got a lift to nursery and was like squee and we put all the kiddies in rainproofs hehe. Playgroup i messed around with Ella and some other kiddies, cant really remember what happened. Rosa came and kept hugging ella and things which was sweet, and she seems to have gotten over her vendetta and now merely distrusts me.

Fed them and dragged them back to nursery pretty quickly and then lunch was spent in the rain inside blakehead stealing alice salad and wandering down to buy some muffins. Wandered back hastily to the nursery to find the people had rotated and a new girl was supervising. Commence the slowest afternoon in entire world ever. She completely ignored me, if i asked her anything she would be like one word answers, and BLEH. It was really annoying, and boring as shit. Plus there were only about 3 kiddies up so i had none to play with. Meh.

Teatime was a relief. For a few minutes i stood as she handed out chocolate thinking 'stupid woman now they are not going to eat the sandwiches' and then i gave up, grabbed a bowl and resumed my normal duty of handing out food. She continured to completely ignore me, so i amused myself by chatting to the younger kiddies who were stroking each other and feeding each other. SO CUTE.

Dragged the three older ones out to the nursery to choose a video. Sam had a tantrum, so the others were hastily persuaded to watch wallace and gromit (despite the fact we watched it yestrerday) and i was let loose at ten past five whooppee. Munched some chocie things at home and was slightly hyper because being with kiddie all day and having to act sensible does that to ya. Talked to david and managed customary insults, but then Mikey phoned and david had blocked him and for some reason it just really annoyed me.

Ive already said i care about what people think, im the sort of person who if one of my friends says 'your hair looks really stupid' or smth like that, i will still wear it but always have doubts etc. So the fact one of my friends never stops putting me down, is beginning to get to me. Meh i wont go into it all here, just to say he never manages to say anything without making me feel pretty worthless. and hes worried about sounding stupid. I need to know what people think, its what i rely on! I cant take someone when i can never tell what is a joke and what is seirious, it screws me up.

Aww. Ive yelled at him for about half an hour and then said he makes me feel worthless (which he does) and he seems to have got so angry he was actually serious. This is gonna sound so gay, but i seriosly thought i was gonna burst into tears. Its such a relief. now hes started being all bolshy again and im not teary anymore but...shit.

Youve taken everything and oh i cannot give anymore.

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