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Babys on fire, and all the laughing boys are bitching. Oh the plot is so bewitching!

So. Saturday. We got up and went into town and i met up with jenny and micky and bumped into alice who was grounded. We wandered round town, alice got jumpy and left fairly early poor thing. We went to the juggling convention thingy and got a plastic spoon and stood watching the cute guy with the long long blonde hair ride a unicycle, and the cute cute guy with the shoulder length dark brown hair, tan skin and slender hands decked with thick silver rings, a red maroon weave jumper and nice jeans juggle.

Hehe. And there was this creepy hippie dude whose clothes revelaed more than they covered, and who looked kinda wierd, but both jenny and micky liked him. Watched, Jenny crept into a corner, crouched down and stayed there, appearing to smile benignly if you could actually manage to see under her hat :P Uhuh. So yeh. Went home pretty early but it was cool anyway, bought some jeans and ice coffee.

Sunday spent with relatives amazed at the material unawareness of my cousins - they want so much and seem to put no financial value on it. Just something they want and will therefore get, they dont even know what they are getting half the time, just that they want it. Its scary. Ah well. My granparents made the customary comments about my report such as "shes too shy!" and "You musnt be afraid everyone will laugh at you if you ask for help" and i think neither are true but hey, its not worth the effort of dissauding them - i dont know if i could anyway.

Ah well. Im emailing Mikey who sent me a REALLY wandom email which made me smile and want to hug him for its randomness. No other emails from friends excepts forwards today, downer, normally i have a few more to reply to. Oh well.

Take your time, shes only burning. This kind of experiance is necessary for her learning. If you'll be my flotsam, I'll be half the man I used to. Her temperatures rising, and any idiot would know that.

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