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They're trying to build a prison, for you and me to live in

I hate coming home to myself. I end up talking to the cat, and then when he dissapears i end up talking to myself PRETENDING to be the cat. 0_o Im not mad, im just kinda disturbed god damnit. Then i talk about the fact im talking to myself.

You get the idea.

Sorry i havent updated (oh my avid fans *coughjenny*) but the past few days have just been normal. School ended and i got my report which was good. Walked home. Jenny read my story. Today i skipped sports day and made buns all day (no, literally) while listening to the xisloaded single on loop.

I made faery cakes, but the icing was watery so i had to add looooaaaddsss of icing sugar. Is the spoon supposed to support itself?? *watches icing sugar trickle onto sideboard* Hmmm.

Fone calls and eventually ended up at jennys with the rest of em (minus the males) where we ate smartie cookies and faery cakes.

This was very good indeed, because last night Mikey became my faery godmother (quote micky) and he said i could have one wish. My wish involved having cookies. I got cookies. Im looking forward to the rest of the wish <_<

So then me and micky went on the trampoline which was like WHEEEE and it was very fun indeed squee. Trundled back in for dinner and then off we went on the bus with alice singin 'ring around the roses' to the odean to see shrek 2.

The whole drama crew (including GG and Piers) had turned out which was rocking. I think Piers came over briefly to say hi, and Roisin was hyperly saying hi and then we got largely ignored. The film was ace, i love puss in boots! SOOO CUTE. Ya. Piers kept poking alice (he was sat behind us) and doing heavy breathing and saying too loud "Im gay-" or smth like that.

Lala. Came out the film, got ignored some more and wandered over to be picked up. Waited, and over sauntered Dale to lurk nearby smiling nervously and glancing at us. Eventually alice said hi and he came a bit closer so as to be 'in the circle' and chatted uneasily for a bit. Got picked up, got dropped home, didnt get any hugs off the ppl i wanted hugs off (whose fault is that) and here i am.

Im listening to brian eno - babys on fire. I asked david for that last nite. Well actually i said 'ive got this song on my head and it goes babies on fire betta throw her in the water. Do you know what it is? I really wanna find it.' so ten minutes later he had found it, downloaded it, and sent me it. *jumps up and down* How rockin is that? Hes now being wierd again and not talking much. I DONT WANNA BE ALL ON MY OWN it will make me talk to myself or something.

The silence is too heavy. I have a purple tongue.

Always wanna play but you never wanna lose. Life is a waterfall, we drink from the river now we turn around and put up our walls. Swimming through the void we hear the world, we lose ourselves but we find it all. We are the ones that wanna play, always wanna go but you never wanna stay. We are the ones that wanna chooose.....(back to beginning)

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