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I never lose control, its just a state of mind...


This song is quite good really. The vocals are a bit tame, but theres some really good guitar - and im not really one to appreciate instruments over voice so there ya go ^^

Today dudes dawned....i cant remember...i think it was kinda overcast. Rushed to school cos we were late (theres a surprise) and uhuh...had art, yeh thats right. Made loadsa scummy white paint, daubed some yellow in it and slopped it all over my 'cubism' drawing before having my photo taken (eek i hate self portraits) and running like hell for the sanctuary of maths.

Maths she talked all lesson, and I left for break to talk to Mikey and Mickey and wonder at the location of alice and jenny. Went and nabbed meself a locker (empty one...) but this involved trailing to the from room where weasel boy (aka david nichols) was waiting in ambush and mobbed us with various strange accusations, once of which was "Eh emily, [someone] fancies you!" indeed? "No...wait...no, i mean david! David robertson!" *looks proud of himself* I sigh to myself and wonder if he could have thrown that one at me a couple of months ago when it was first started, rather than half a year later. Saddo.

Uhuh. Science next where i plonked myself down next to Piers who didnt move (yey) cos the drama people were in rehearsal (so GG wasnt there, basically) and after having the science teacher tell me i would just have to do all the work that i had had stolen again, i wandered past alice who complained she wanted to sit with me. I told her i would get George to move, and despite not believing my own words - did so and am very proud of myself haha.

George. "What?" Can you move and go sit next to some of your friends please? "What?" Will you move, please? "No!" Aww please? "....why?" I really want my friend to sit next to me. "..." Please? "Oh fine, but im taking the stool!" *george storms off without taking the stool* MUHAHAHAHAHA

Alice comes and sits next to me (oh yes, i asked piers for his email, he said he had forgotten so i glared at him and retorted 'fine, i want your mobile number though' and he gave me a funny look and promised to give me it at lunch) and piers looks surprised. I forget the finer details of what happened, but i remember a few things. Piers was talking to Sam, and i over heard "ME AND EMILY ARE GETTING MARRIED!" so me and alice both paused to stare.

Piers went red, grinned sheepishly and goes "I was being sarcastic, of course," to me where i roll my eyes, of course. The i forget why, he comments "Anyway, i think your having an affair with alice!" I raise an eyebrow and sigh. 'Mhm' i nod. He looks surprised, and i continue 'and jenny' in reference to his teasing. He stares, "Where does micky come into all this?" 'Oh her too, its a foursome.' Piers goes even redder and laughs chokingly "Noo my finace is having an affair with her three best friends, this is where our relationship breaks down you know!!" We both laugh and alice goes 'What what?' cos she hadnt been listening. Great one ^_~

Piers sighs. "You have driven me to suicide." 'Oh yeh, having loadsa girls all over you makes you kill yourself does it?' Piers nods and says they would smother him. Alice asks archly 'Would you prefer it to be loadsa lads, then?' and Piers goes, if possible, redder.

"NO! If a guy tried to rape me i would shoot myself. Or him, if i was thinking straight..." (ignore the pun) he went on like this for a while. before declaring "Im a chronic homophobe!" while still blushing and looking massively guilty. I raise an eyebrow as alice looks confused, 'Which basically means your just gay?' he stares and gapes as alice asks what it means. I explain 'It means he is a closet gay and too scared to admit it, so he gets angry in denial instead.' and he mouths in shock and then retorts "No it doesnt!" although you would think it did, the color he is burning with.

"Piers is gay?" asks alice in shock, and i laugh while Piers gasps useless denials before finally sulking 'Yes, im gay with sam.' and we all laugh and piers looks defiant. HAHA. Have various strange convos of which i have currently forgotten, before departing for awards rehearsal with jenny and then library for lunch.

Oh, did i mention Mikey was chatting about science the other day and he goes 'Oh i was looking at dozza's hair and i suddenly realised dying it red had made his eyes look really bright blue, but i really didnt want to say 'Oh dozza your hair color really brings out the blue of your eyes'' which made everyone laugh hehe.

Anyway. Davey was waiting with the rest in the library, and he made a dash for it as jenny approached and then we started to the park. Me and alice chatted to davey until we reached the gates, whereupon jenny ran up behind the poor lad, grabbed him and kissed him on the back of his neck. I forget how he reacted, but it was something terrified and i think he ran for it and asked what the hell had just happened. Funfunfun.

Got to the park and sat down after earning a strange look from Piers who was almost alone with a few girls (i dunno why the look) and Jenny threw food at david who tried to catch it in his mouth (and largely failed) while he peeled a stick. He used the stick to flick twigs at jenny but one went in her eye and she is like OW and he looks terminally guilty and actually leans forwards on all fours to roughly hug her (she seemed too in pain to notice this miracle,) and apologies profusely.

Micky meanwhile had grabbed the stick and was holding it just above davids arse with a evil grin, so all three of us dissolved in hysterical giggles as jenny and david must have wondered what the hell we were laughing at. He sat back and the food throwing commenced again, me managing to get a raisin down his top by some unimaginable feat so he had to stand up and shake his clothes out, which (when he showed his stomach) made me realise he actually is damn skinny - all his jumpers make him look normal :P

He threw a grape in the air and did a sort of backflip to land in a crab and catch it in his mouth, much to our amusement and applause, before Piers came over and crouched right behind me to give me his mobile phone number and yell me to txt him tonight. I asked david something by name and he whined "-eyyyyy!" and i laughed and explained this meant he officially wanted to be called davey, which amused me more than it really should, since he has been arguing viciosly for weeks about not being called davey :P

We laughed a lot and sauntered back to school in generally good spirits, and although i have a mind blank over what happened i know it was fun and gave me a mini high hehe. Oh yeh Mikey showed up yeh halfway through lunch and got poked and suchlike. We were outside school and david kicked a rubber thing on the grass and it turned out to be a used condom, so he literally ran off screaming as we all laughed and went eww, but he still hasnt got over the disgust :P I forget what we talked about, but i caught up with david and walked to the form room with him though waited outside for micky while he went in so as to avoid weasel boys rumours, not that i think he would be bright enough to notice we walked in together.

English next where i chatted to Mikey, doodled pink and purple flowers on my insane presentation prep sheet (i invented a hamster powere power station and was assasinated with a pea shooter by the rspca, who wrapped my body in a curtain, put me in a trolley and wheeled me into a river. The verdict on my death was 'irresponsible intereference with shopping apparatus') and then hugged everyone goodbye and headed off to the assembly.

Got nervous, chatted to Roisin, and then went up for my award with my eyes constantly fixed on the floor and gripping the stairrail to avoid falling over or smth annoying. Got award, came back down, met mother who told me i had looked 'very confident' and then she was bombed by mr B who kidnapped her and i wandered off for a while feeling like a reject until i found jenny and we went and mobbed the free cheapy food. Ended up in a room all alone with a bowl of popcorn (when we arrive, even the most popular room will empty in a matter of time) and munched that.

Took a handful home, was sad cos i couldnt wave to my graphics class and drove to pc world and bought a digital camera and checked out holidays hehe. Bought dogma and the new xisloaded single, and am now listening to that muhoho and checking out websites while talking to will darzey and mikey. Woohoo. Mikey doesnt think he can make it into town on sat, which is a bummer. Ah well,

Woo now david is online too, almost a convo *laughs* Hohoho, take care dudes, rock on.


Hold me thrill me kiss me, will you miss me? No one can tell me how much is real, how much I can feel, I will not reveal.  So get up get up, I've made up my mind, I'm out of control and I'm feeling fine...

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