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I need protection, from my reflection, give me perfection - take me away somewhere



Ok. I cant remember much of Friday, but I will retell the main events so as I don’t forget them ^^ I missed PE due to, guess what, ANOTHER BLOODTEST! My third, sadly, I have to have six or more to prove there is nothing wrong with me. But we wont go into that. I got to school, and after being accused of hiding behind a tree by the PE teacher I was left to go to citizenship and be given a work experience diary while I talked to Genevieve about her w/e and discovered she wasn’t too bad conversation. Beats sitting on your own, anyway.


Break and Jenny came along, whoopee because she was the only friend at school that day since Micky hadn’t come in and Alice was in scarborough with the german girl. We chatted, and then went to science where Piers moved to sit next to his friends (with an apology and promise to send Sam over…whoopee…that girl annoys me so much) so I tried and failed to get Jennys attention, thankfully she did move in the end so we did our project.


I went to get some sheets, and Mathew Baker, who seemed to be monopolising about 10 of them, bowed gracefully to me and handed me the most tattered one. I laughed, shook my head at him, and left. Stranger and stranger. Lunch I went for early meal with Jenny, since she had rehearsal and if I didn’t come with her I would have had to spend the entire lunchtime on my own. By the end of the day, I begun to wish I had, but I will get to that in a minute.


Liam Foster came to sit nearby, and said Hi. Jenny wondered at why he always greets her, but said hi back while I stared at him in an attempt to deduce his eye colour since Alice complains I never notice anyone's eyes. His eyes were dark grey blue and not so bad looking, although it was a shame about his face.


We left the lunch hall and went for our bags and while Jenny stuffed her lunch away I frowned and kicked at the bags in bewilderment. Mine though, wasn’t there.


Great one. Glared a bit harder and kicked a bit harder, but despite my attempts at glancing in the bin and behind the blackboard, my bag was determinedly missing. Jenny decided, to my gratefulness (that’s a word!), to accompany me to the staff room where we sheepishly informed them of what had happened.


A long trail of teachers and goblin look-alikes later, and we wandered down a corridor, looked in a bin, shook our heads gloomily and wandered back. The bell rang, and I still hadn’t found my missing bag. Registration and micky had appeared from somewhere, to report she had spent the lunchtime in the library with david, awaiting our return while having her head stuffed in books full of optical illusion of, don’t ask me why, penguins.


I told Mr Jones of my misfortune, and then was sent to find Mr Butterworth who laughed at the fact I was wired beyond belief and couldn’t seem to keep still. Losing your keys, phone, coursework, and current story does that to you. I was severely buggered (not in that sense of course JENNY!) and while looking on the roof, Mr B deemed it normal enough to chat about w/e with me and say he would get his year seven cover class to look for it.


Art next. I spent it still kinda hyper, and had to find the light box and trace my sheet. Tarin appeared and kindly informed anyone who was listening that the lightbox was downstairs, so I headed down, flicked the switch and nothing happened. I stared and trundled back up, dodging dozza’s graphics class (seeing him earlier in his p.e kit had unnerved me enough) and told the dumb townie in distress I didn’t know what to do.


The dumb townie laughed at me, reassured me she would sort it out, and we trundled downstairs to find Tarin huddled guiltily over the guillotine. Sparing him a glance, we played with the lightbox to no avail, cornered him to ask him if he knew what to do (he didn’t) so the townie grabbed it and trundled off upstairs. I followed, trying not to have hysterics, and we soon had the thrice-damned thing working.


I got frowned at by the other art teacher, because it seemed Tarin needed the lightbox more than me, and then geography where we had a supply teacher. Fay actually noticed I didn’t have a bag so offered me a twix bar in sympathy, so I spent geography trying to eat it without letting the teacher or any annoying townies notice (fun, really) and listening to Fay sing the whole of Cats, while dancing, and then retell the whole story of the holy grail or some such humorous thing. It was amusing, to my hysterical mindset anyway.


Walked to drive, spotted micky and jenny, had another quick-but-frantic search for my bag before chasing jenny to mickys. We got back to the drive and wandered around for a while, desperately trying to get in touch with alice in the fear we might have dodged her at some point without realising. After failing to phone her with jennys mobile (I hadn’t got mine of course, otherwise we would have at least had credit) we found the staff phone and snagged that instead.


Jenny was explaining to alice the situation, when from behind us Mr Fairclough emerged from…the cleaners cupboard…to grin at us with raised eyebrows as if to say ‘what the hell are you girls actually doing here?’ and me and micky had mini hysterics since he was the one coming out the under stairs cupboard, not us.


We walked to the bus stop, hung about for half an hour getting hysterical and laughing about butt monkeys and then got the bus to alices. Put music on, ate cookies, hugged alice who had…BEEN IN A CAR ACCIDENT.


It turned out a van had grazed the side of their coach and they had all been jolted and damaged before being left for two hours before lifts could be arranged. Downer. Alice was really depressed, so apart from going hyper, trying to kill a fly with the pencil case I had found on someones locker (it looked like mine, I dunno if it is or not!) and ‘squee-ing’ over the really kewl piccie of Dave (from InMe) that alice drew for me


(it had my s/n and nickname and everything on, drawn in pink biro! *jumps up and down* I was touched ^_~) and we ate and watched music tv and such like. After managing to miss razorlight on totp, we went home. I got yelled at for losing my bag, we got the locks changed and I think I went to bed.


Saturday I walked into cusp in the rain, listening to nirvana and mazza on my mp3 player and earning strange looks from nearby dudes. I enjoyed it anyhow, and we got out of cusp early to go watch jenny perform. Met up with micky (who had appeared from somewhere) after slurping a mocha and a muffin from starbucks, and wandered round town for a while.


Went to EXIT and saw none other than the elusive Jo Winn. While eyeing the niiiice clothes in that shop, the xisloaded badges, cute underwear and scary towels (micky kept declaring she wanted to have the monkeys babies) I glanced sidelong at Jo Winns gorgeous long hair. *sigh*


We eventually left there to the antigravity shop, to be replaced with an identical double but older. We eyeballed him (all of us!) and commented loudly on the strange stuff in the shop for a reason to stay there. The guy produced some balls, juggled for about 3 secs and put them away again (random or wot?) and then asked us if he could help. We said no, and then after half an hour felt inclined to buy something so me and jenny went halves on a weird rubber entwined rainbow bouncy thing. SQUEE!


Micky knawed at it (cos in theory she was eating the bit the guy had touched) and we all laughed and got hysterical and eyed Brendan outside borders. Cant remember what else I did that day.


Sunday I spent doing my English essay, with a small break for lunch and asda for grannies shopping. I got to see my cousins and had to quell a mad urge to hug one of them and be all affectionate, cos I would have got a damn weird reaction and probably been hit with something, but tried instead to be really interested since Peter is off to secondry school this year. AWWW SWEETIE!! Doesn’t mean I still don’t wanna hug him…0_o


Didn’t finish essay, so today (Monday) I tried to figure out what lessons I had and made my excuses to Mr B. He acknowledged them and told me to look for my bag, I did so and didn’t find it and came back to Mikey who commented bewilderedly “Where have you beeeeeeen??????” so I laughed and told him all about it.


Earlier in the lesson GG laughed and threatened she was going to come and sit next to me next lesson, because didn’t I get lonely sat all alone. I wondered at that point if Mikey truly was invisible, and still haven’t figured what im gonna do about the offer since the times Mikey isn’t there I am damn lonely, yes.


Biology next, I hugged alice and we trundled up to sit and do sheets and not-get-results. Piers came over declaring, “Im bored, I want someone to talk to.” And sat splay legged on a stool, dipping his hand in the water, talking about wine, poppy brite (he was not sure about reading it when jenny told him it had male gay porn in) and other such things. Messed about for a while, he talked to alice for ages and then the lesson ended and off we went to break, where Micky did coursework, Mikey got a chair for me and pushed it all the way over (I got yelled at for sharing a chair) and…stuff.



French next where we did weather and I forgot to mention InMe to Isobel, who according to alice likes them. I keep forgetting, seems a pretty random subject to bring up really but hey. Lunch next where Micky or Mikey or David didn’t show up, so I was forced to go to choir with alice and jenny.


Got harassed by some bloody annoying townies for a while so didn’t eat much, and then sat in the music room all lunch time trying to eat cheese without making rustling noises and trying not to puke at the gay ‘we love god’ songs.


Eeek. Scary as hell. Not my thing, anywayz.


Registration, and David troubled to poke me and inform me I had been missed at lunch. For one shocking moment I thought he meant by him, but he explained Mikey had been wandering round the park looking for us and I felt guilty as shit and apologised profusely to him and wanted to hug him but was feeling too insecure.


Maths, which was spent in a different room. Mickys class was next door, and I seriously mistook dozza (who had his hair tucked behind his ears) for a girl, which amused me immensely. Oh, did I mention the annoying townies insisted I was new (whyyy?) and I was American (whyyyyyyyyyy?) god damn it, if facts depended on opinion I WOULD BE.


Maths and geog, which were pretty damn boring as far as I remember, although I mused over the ficcy I had been rewriting in choir. In Maths toby coleman grabs GGs girly coat and goes “I wanna try this on!” she replies no chance, and he moans “Aww but I might look good in it! I always look good in girls clothes, and jewellery!” brandishes his girly jewellery at us. No one seems half as amused by this as me, and no one finds it weird except me. WHY AM I WEIRD AND NOT THEM?


 Walked home with alice and mikey after being let out late, and we all had hysterics over Mikeys conversation starter of “So, you write gay porn?” which became an immediate classic and was therefore inserted into any silence long enough with the result of sheepish grins and more hysterics on everyones part.


Got halfway home when alice yelled,

“SHIT ive forgotten the german girl!” So we all dashed back to school, pretended we had been kept in (for 20 min :P) and walked back home but this time with the german girl trailing us. Whoopee. I forget what we talked about, but it was damn fun anyway. Hugged Mikey goodbye (hes taller than me, I can only just rest my chin on his damn bony shoulder!) and then alice (who is holding on longer every time I swear) and then trotted off home.


Went into acomb to buy a padlock (my mum has decided I need to keep my bad inside my locker at lunch…) and came home to write English. NOW IM HERE.


Worship me, im gonna drop dead. Well, actually im not. My mum has been having panic attacks cos she thought I had cancer, hehe, cos of all the queer stuff on the bloodtests. I don’t. Im not gonna die (today, anyway) so go me.


Doncha love me, doncha want me to live another day? Answers on a postcard. xx




I've seen a ghost in the future, sometimes it gets hard to hide.

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