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Maybe we dont wanna live in a world where our innocence is so short?

Ok dudes today! Walked to school with jenny (now theres a surprise) and uhuh. Cant remember what we talked about really, though i have memories it was fun. Mhm. Got to school early for once in my life (well, 2nd time) yeah, cant remember much else.

English first i thinkies, where i read the SH stories i was so bored, and wrote exactly half a side *cheers herself* w00t. *eats some raspberries* Then maths which was lameness and such like and we did stupid equations. Break where i made up with alice and we hugged and all nice stuff ^^ squee, almost worth it for all the hugs. I get so many these days *frolicks in the sunlight* Hoho

Yahuh. David was with micky when we sat down so we chatted to him about smth or other and laughed when chris came over and all three of us thought he had said "50p if you want sex" when he had actually said DBX or smth random like that, but david of course replied with smth like "No chris ive already told you i dont want sex!" and poor chris just looked wearyly amusing.

Finding space in his bag for the cd, he unloaded a hoodie, a few games, some more cds and a pair of jeans. Me and alice were staring at him like 0_0 and she goes "Do you have a rabbit in there too?" and hes like "Yup its in the front pocket somwhere," :P

The chris is trying to persuade him to come get a cd or smth and hes like "Nooo i dont wanna go!" and me and alice both simultaneously exchange 'awww cute!' looks and go "AWWWW!" earning ourselves funny looks. He didnt go ^^

Bio next where we examined our wierd test tubes which had gone purple, and then went on the computers and looked at calling piccies while Piers laborously explained to us what we were suppoed to do. I dont know why, we didnt even ask him too. 0_o

Trundled off and i waited while alice went to the loo and i people watched and then alice came and attacked me from behind (basically hugged me, but...funly) which was fun so we all staggered outside where it was PISSING it down, like big fat drops of rain - so we screamed and hid under her jumper and ran for it.

Hung about in the library discussing HBS (Micky: nooo not the gay porn!) and micky drew stuff and me and alice pored over a mag until micky did too. Then someone poked me in the ribs from behind (behind AGAIN why always BEHIND?) and i yelped and curled up and david sniggered and sat down next to me so i glared at him.

Do i have a big sign saying 'pOkE mE' somewhere or something?

Anyway he tried and failed to read our ficcy and still didnt believe what it was, so we settled for poring over mags as david coloured in his midget drawing in pink biro and we discussed the many bois who fancy/ied micky. David said hutchy did, and as if called in came hutchy and sat down next to micky rubbing his eyes. Micky made eyeballing gestures at him and we all laughed and he looked bewildered, so david said "I told her you like her, and she likes you too!" and micky said "NO I DONT!" and he said "What?" and we all laughed.

Yeeyeeyee. Messed about some more and pored over stuff and generally had fun for once (hutchy dissapeared, cant remember why...) and alice drew me a InMe guy in pink SQUEE which was goooood and we wrote '[insert name here] floats my boat' on each other arms hehe. and then alice goes "its wednesday, its five to, SHIT WE HAVE 10 MIN FOR LUNCH!" so we all cursed and made a mad dash to lunch where i gave david some cheese to eat because there wasnt any food left.

So he went and bought some sweet things and offered me and alice one with hundreds and thousands on top ^^ squee! So we all ate lunch and cookies (much to davids dismay) and giggled and such like and then got up and made a run for registration and managed not to be late.

French next where alice asked me what her current drawing should wear. He ended up in a shirt. We wandered to graphics together and she sat on the foldy table and it folded up *giggles* and she was like WOAH. Then we had the science teachers for supply so i planned my rock band board game \m/

Got out of skool, chatted to alice and jenny for a bit then got picked up by mother in SMART CAR OHHHH YEH! and drove around listening to rockin music at full volume (well, when i figured out how to operate the tape player) and got lost but ended up in hovingham and we had the sunroof open and we both sang along to nirvana and stuck our hands out the sunroof and it was really sunny and gorgeous.

Got a mocha and a disgusting chese and gammon sandiwch (it was nice at the time, but now i wish i hadnt had it...ew) and looked at the nice waitresses hair and listened to her chatting to little kids before eyeing a cute boi on a bike while i waited in the car and listened to music. Bumped music (silverchair) up to TOP volume and wound down all the windows and i stuck my head out,

which always makes me really happy and high so i laughed and sang loudly and badly to silverchair and stuck my hands and head out windows and sunrooves and laughed lots more. Stopped at some shops and i saw this WONDERFUL khaki like army jacket thingy, but it was too big for me :'( then we drove back (more wind blowing) and the whole countryside was bathed in this russet gold sunlight of early evening it was like bliss!

Got home and ate raspberries and macaroon sugar which is yummy indeed *squee* now i hope someone comes online for me to talk too. *dances* Mite write more story..hmmm....perhaps *dances more*

I have an aim for before the end of year. Get  a hug off both Piers and David, cos theyre the only ppl i know who wont willingly hug me (not that ive ever tried) so thats my end of yr aim, since my new years resolution belly flopped THERES STILL TWO WEEKS LEFT FOR IT TO WORK!! Hohoho.

HUG TIME! any help *hinthint* would be appreciated cos i want my aim to HAPPEN dude!


*This or that..
Nice smiles or nice eyes?: I dunno. Smiles, because i never notice eyes.

Jeans or skirts?: Jeans
Boots or sneakers?: BOOTS! less the sneakers r pink and beaded,

Natural or make-up?: Make up, i look scary w/o

Restaurants or fast food?: Restaurants

Italian food or Chinese?: mmm chinese.
Dark or light eyes?: DARK DARK DARK light eyes r ew

Streaked or dyed hair?: Dyed i thinkies
Vampires or Gods?: Vampiresssssss
Shakespeare or Greek mythology?: greek cos its so damn nifty with eros ^^ CUTE MALE DUDES WITH NO CLOTHES!

Milk shakes or floats?: Float? Dunno what that is. Milkshake then!

Drugs or cigarettes?: Drugs - but only dope, the rest r a bit screwy.
Football or cheerleading?: NEITHER. BOTH SHOULD DIEEEEEE

Cake or pie?: cake 0_0

Do you want to die?:
I wanna die asleep with someone who loves me who i love. ARENT I ROMANTIC? I wanna die happy as hell.

Do you brush your teeth?: yeah...o.o
Much time do you take to dress up?: Hehe...a while.
Do you like your life?: Yeah, its getting better. I like this LJ cos i can reread it and discover the good bits i thought i had forgotten. I sometimes hate my life, but really it isnt that bad. Spesh recently, its been better.
Well do most people know you?: its funny. Some ppl ive only just met know me pretty well, others ive known for ages hardly know me and vice versa. I wuv em all anyway thou! Most people dont seem to know me well, cos i dont know most people!

Common or original is this survey?: WHO CARES

Often do you smile?: Quite a bit i think, cos im generally amusable ^^

Many times a week do you eat junk food?:Not often, makes me wanna puke

*Do you..
Hell yeh, all the time (mostly when im alone/with someone who doesnt comment)Dance?: Rarely, but sometimes at night when im hyper
Laugh a lot?: Dude yeh, most of the time anywayz

Like spicy food?: its not too bad i guess, can be nice
Prefer bagels over yogurt?:whats a bagel? I like yogurt

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No :'(
Want one?: Yesssssssss indeed
Have sex?: No see above ^
Think babies are cute?: Sometimes, depends on my mood and who is looking after *coughpierscough* them

Children in general?: They can be sweet

Have children?: OF COURSE noooo
Believe in fortune cookies?: Nopey, wino prophets
Believe in life after death?: I dunno, i would like to.
Believe in life after love?: Of course. Theres life before love, so it figures there would be life after dude. You can always love again (she says...). I think if your soulmate buggers off, then you have all the right to kill yourself though. I know i would - what is the point in life if the person you love like nothing else aint there?????

Believe that anything is possible?: Hmm sometimes, VERY rarely though

Believe that everyone has a purpose in life?: No. We make our own purpose

Know what yours is?: No, wish i did be damnwel useful.

You a girl?: Yes, although i am secretly male.
You a comedian?:Urg...well people laugh at things i say, but they generally werent meant to be amusing ^^.
Your friends true friends in your opinion?: Yeh, but in diffo ways

You bored?: Slightly, but not really im too hyper

Your heritage: English, french, german and scottishy bits i thinkies
Your usual outfit: flares (in some dark color or pink) and top (preferably not baggy)
Your hair: Insane wild man hair. Should be brown, dyed black, gone a queer red color.

Your eyes: Grey blues can be green in some lights.

What you'd like to change about yourself: I wish i believed in myself, cos then maybe other people would. Plus i wish i had straight hair ^_~ A lot of things.
Your perfect mate (physical features): THE INME GUY basically. With straight long hair. Uhuh...*drool*

Are your weaknesses?:
People telling me to 'shhh' in a cute way, and people being affectionate in a way i like. I cant stay angry when people do that ^^  Physically impossible.

Are your fears?: being alone foreverrrrrr. I dunno, really. Making nothing of my life and then dying alone. ALONENESS. But not all the time, sometimes being alone is good.

Does your perfect pizza consist of?: I dont bloody know. Ham and pineapple? No i dont like ham no more. WHO CARES.
Is the difference between fate and destiny?: Fate is something that is preordained to happen, and destiny is something you will eventually acheive

Is one thing you would like to achieve?: Be happy. Have a job i love, and a person i love, and a house i love. LOVE???

Do you love the most?: Like hell i can answer that. No one right now, not in that way. I wuv all my friends tons though (although sometimes i really dislike them :P)
Would you like to meet that you know online?: I dont know many ppl online well, so darzey 
Is the one person who makes you laugh the most?: I dunno, alice or some of the bois.

Really annoys you?: Hmmm. I dunno really, no one stands out over the rest ;)
Could you not live without?: My friends *huggles them* and the hot guys in rock groups ^_~
Doesn't like you though you like him/her?: I dunno, if i like them i can convince myself they like me too (secretly)
Likes you though you hate him/her?: LIKE ANYONE DOES.

Hate too strong of a word?: Not really, if its true.
Food from other cultures good?: Uhhuhhh our trad food is so LAME

Your mood calm at the moment?: Kinda calm in a hyper way.



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