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You make me feel alone

Ok i gotta calm down before i write this and not write sHiT in it. Write about my day instead and ignore the fact i've just been insulted by one of my best friends who then changed the subject. *is insulted* That just pisses me off, i know it was supposed to, but still.

Thats all im saying on that topic.

Okkkkk. Caaaaaaaaalm. Isnt it a bugger that your friends know exactly how to hurt you the most? isnt it a bugger when they DO?

Today i walked to school with jenny and we saw a headless bird. This started a convo about someone saying 'i will eat your head' and i thought it was darzeth, but it wasnt it was Piers. I muddled them. Again. Bugger. Lala we got to skool early, even,

IT the teacher finally realised i could click a mouse without assistance, so did me the favour of telling me how to get extra marks. it involved ONE  BUTTON and ONE COLUMN but he still seemed to think i would be hard pushed to get the idea *sigh* Maths next. Boring. GG asked me if i wanted to go to york dungeon with her and some of her crew (she said she would pick the ones she thought i liked 0_o) which will be nifty.

Break. (Yesterday we were told we had to do smth so i told alice to go grab the qu'uran, so hearing mickys cries of "will you get that qu'ran off my geography coursework!" amused me immensely, as did other related things) and then science.

I was greeted by Piers who poked me (i squeaked and twitched) and declared somewhat determindly but embarassedly "Im hyper today - im poking everyone!" and poked me some more. I poked him back and he twitched and looked downcast, but then he refused to move so i gave up. Sadly, he didnt, although it was kinda amusing.

Lala. Inbetween poking every available part of my body (literally) he told me i could come to paintball on next sunday with them if i wanted and had the money. I enthusiastically agreed (yey!) and he promised to get me a flyer. Did no work, poked sam, poked jenny, poked each other and got more than one wierd look. I cant remember what else happened, ah yes - he coloured in my inme logo on my folder in neon pink highlighter that smelt of strawberries and declared he wished the band smelt of strawberries. Infact, he wished they all did. I agreed.

Got poked some more, giggled like a sad girly and then trotted off to discuss sports day with alice and jenny. Went to the park, said hi to david, and watched Piers play with these two tiny blonde kiddies with his mum (some fest was on) which was reaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyy cute. *squee* they were so small - like a third of his height and everything! AWWWWWW

Skool (ahh yes yesterday lunch was fun, watching hera and friends play football, take their tops off, and then watching topless japanese guys with mickey! :D) ended with english (boring dos where GG persuaded me to come sit with her which was nice) and graphics (more dos really where ms barratt pestered everyone in sight)

Walked home with alice who was sad about walking home on her own. Then with jenny. Ohhh did i tell yas we got a new car? Nifty xx

Got home, did boring fartarse homework until my head exploded. Came online and chatted to alice and david and dozza and mickey and one of mickys friends friends which all in all was nice and fun (except certain parts) and now theyre all talking bout dope.

and poo. David is sad i am not talking, this is his idea of incentive

why do i get  a virus every 3 mins...i cant take a shit without getting a pile o' virus thingers says:
na micky is dozzas only love...

why do i get  a virus every 3 mins...i cant take a shit without getting a pile o' virus thingers says:
and emily mine...hehe

i find that disturbing and told  him so. He told me he knew it would make me speak. Ahhh, im predictable as they are. Oh well, so fun and disturbing and such like. Heyyy im not as pissed off anymore *dontthinkaboutcomment*

Now he keeps talking about it, and is dissapointed i am not responding to it in predicted way (being insecure...EH?) Now hes dissapointed he hasnt FrEaKeD me out. He thinks that would??? Strange boi. Ahh well. I should have come offline already, no ficcy for me tonight *sighs* No..no...wait...hes seriosly trying to send me a pic of his arse. HIS ARSE. Godddddd what is this? Its not freaky, its just....kinda wierd.

why do i get  a virus every 3 mins...i cant take a shit without getting a pile o' virus thingers says:
i think emily is disturbed cos i sed i love her

DAMN WIERD. Im not disturbed. Strange boy, next time we will get the confessions about the HBS, what can ya say huh? it all comes out when ya dont say owt - silence asks all the questions *laughs*

If anyone thinks im serious, im not! Least i dont think i am *x-files music*

I GOT THREE NIFTY REVIEWS off the same person. Well, four counting yesterdays. They wuv me!! They weally wuv me!!


Take your hatred out on me, make your victim my head. I'll be born again, to take your heart away.

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