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Standing on top of our hopes and fears

Ok sorry for not updating hehe. Yesterday i went back to school for lunch which was nifty. I got there early so lurked in the library foyer for 10 min boringgggg and then alice came along and was like "Your back!" and gave me a really big long hug which was dead nice welcome back pressie *grins*

Science we sat with Piers and GG on a table in B7 and filled in sheets. Alice seemed on a bit of a downer but i couldnt seem to help, and halfway into the lesson piers and gg seemed to realise i had come back and piers goes "Have you been ill?" i nod. "What was up?" Stomach upset. He makes a face something like pity. "You better now?" I nod. He carries on staring at me as i look away. Under continued inspection i look up again and he hold my gaze for a second before quickly looking away. STRANGE.

Then gg notices too and proceeds to make dirty jokes about the maths teacher in my absence, but its still nice to be welcomed back ^^ Citizen was spent with Mr Jones as supply quizzing us on censorship (TOWNIES ARE SO DUMB! im gonna live in middle of nowhere in france one day...)

SOAD are quite good really.

Anyway, walking back home with alice who mentioned something about Piers wanting to bugger rachel stancliffe. It turned out she had just heard him wrong, and then she said he said something like he wanted to bugger me too. (No it wasnt the wrong emily...i asked that too...0_0) which made me laugh. Then somehow he got talking about me or something like, and said 'she rocks' and alice said i got pissed off when people were depressed (not true!! mah!) and he looked all silent.

There was more, but ive forgotten it. Strange boi.

Lala. Got in, wrote loads on a new story i have started called 'tomorrow' which, although it isnt half as good as ashes over stars, i am quite content with at the moment. Oh and Jenny stayed and we corrected the grammer on tomorrow, and totally freaked out david by telling him what we were doing ^_~

Today. Got up, took painkillers, walked to school in driving rain under jennys brolly as water soaked through her hat and dripped off her sleeves and she encoraged me to 'believe in getting drenched!' or smth like that. NOT A BLOODY CHANCE!!

Anyway. Double p.e was spent watching them play tennis/rounders wierd game with GG who 'had hurt her ankle playing tennis' and kept forgetting to limp ^^ Pretty boring really all in all, general banter and comments and amusement but otherwise ya.

Break...cant remember what we did. Chatted to Mikey about foursomes, as far as i remember. Hehe. Oh yeh, Micky wasnt here i wonder why? (that sounded like sarcasm...it wasnt...i really do wonder why...) Then science, i said about hi to piers and then we had to move. Oh no wait, he asked me what i was doing at the weekend too and told me he was going on a scouts first aid thingy. Okkkk...

We jumbled cubes with pink dots to represent radioactivity (right then...) and drew graphs about it. DAMN they werent accurate, oh well. Lala. Lunch was spent in library with alice chatting randomly, and then we went to get some pink card for her speech and david came along so i teased him about never washing his hoodie. IN JOKE! ALICE DIDNT GET IT, THAT MEANS HE IS MY FRIEND! Someone is officially your friend when they understand your humor when no one else does, he even realised what my dubious expression meant at his proclamation "I always wear this tshirt!" and quickly added "I DO WASH IT!" which made me laugh.

Ate lunch with him, and then Mikey turned up and sat next to him. David poked him and Mikey turned and levelled a Look at him - which queued a moment of frozen silence and then everyone burst out laughing. Totally hostile, asking "What exactly are you doing?" SO GOOD!

I mauled some of alices strawberries and got accused of disturbing Mikey (that was his reason for not eating any, that seeing me eating them was disturbing him!) and david threw bits of my grated carrot at dozza and tarin who were sat diagonnaly next to us which was very amusing since dozza didnt notice, until david bought food then he turned round and screamed for some. Literally.

Funfunfunfunfun. David told mikey me and alice write 'gay porn' and a totally unshaken mikey laughed in a lol kinda way and said he thought so. David seemed mildly dissapointed.

Registration (wet cold damp table sleeves shivering EW) and then art which was boring. I told the teacher i couldnt draw, so he drew the beginning for me (but he drew it from the wrong angle, so it looked artistically screwed instead of just screwed) which made me feel better and stuff. Finished drawing, talked to dumb townie next to me.

English next, sitting next to Mikey getting looks from Mr B and giggling madly at the bad jokes and such like and random comments. Fun. Walked home with alice and Mikey and jenny and chatted for ages, stood at the crossing for half an hour in the pissing down rain talking *laughs* It was...fun.

Lots of hugs, and then half an hour later lots more hugs and promises and such like and Mikey span jenny round and round which was amusing to watch ^^ Walked home, bought and nibbled choc, did science and wrote a bit more story and formatted it. ROCK ON DUDES.

later xxx
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