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Undress your eyes

Been sick all weekend and today (monday) so i wont go into that much. Just came on briefly to say yo hehe, yup. Didnt do much for the past 3 days, surprisingly, except i read three books (well, finished one and half way through two) which are all pretty good. *grin*
Mmm. Slept a lot and felt in varying degrees of shit really, whopee go me. Yup dunno why im bothering with this but oh well look at my quiz results *points* Lalala. Who would have known it!

Marilyn Manson
Industrial rock! Just like Marilyn Manson, you
know what you have to say and you just say it!
I like you very much...just be careful you
don't scare me away...

What genre of rock are you?
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You can feel my lips undress your eyes...undress your eyes....undress your eyes... Words of love and words so leisured...words are poisoned darts of pleasure...
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sexy twiggy...*swoon*
Get well soon, darling *hugs* please! i dont like you being ill!!!!!!!