Em (belovedfool) wrote,

Fade Away

Ok so yesterday we went into town for geog which was fun. Fay was hyper and kept walking into cars. We questioned various people, there was a hugely fat bloke, some people who were convinced i was american and this cute aussie sounding dude who was...really cute and sounded cute and stuff. Hehe.

Wandered round, wrote down shops, admired peoples ass' (isobel too!) ate ice cream, ate pizza, messed about and trundled round cool shops. Bought loads of smoothies and got wolf whistled and chatted up 0_o and again by the cute dude in the smoothie shop. Lala. Got windblown, came back to cusp, ate lunch (yes..it was 4.00...) and then went and had Pizza and bought two books from Borders. Terry Pratchet - monstrous regiment, which is very good, and Megan Lindholm - wizard of the pigeons which i expect shall be great.

Today was orite. Heh. Walked to school, did athletics - i lost to jenny in the 100m and it rained and windy when we did discus (mine was pitiful and i was nearly concussed by jennys attempts...literally...it went sideways) and then citizen with funfunfun safety learning such as "Teatowel on cooker do you - leave it - hang it above cooker - hang it on cooker door - keep it permanently wet so it doesnt catch fire?" woohoo and another one "Poisonous chemicals on farm do you - touch the lid to see what happens - kick them out the way - leave them - sniff them"


Lala break and science where i drew pink and purple timelines, and then lunch was spent waiting for alice outside the library. A cute blonde boy walks over to A Block doors (pale white curly mid length hair, skinny) and tries to open them. They are, of course, locked.

He turns away, smiling secretly, seductively, and just enough embarassed to be very cute. Gets smiled at by me, walks away. Halfway away, i notice he has two french plaits in pigtails either side of his head, taming his fey ice hair. SQUEE! Me and Jenny dash after him to tell him how much we love him, but alas he has disappeared off the face of the earth and neither me jenny nor Mikey can find him anywhere. Joel steals jennys hat, his friends advise her to never wear it again, and i find...

A TINY PURPLE GLIITERY STAR BEAD!! Probably from the blonde boi! I pick it up and treasure it, and we play kick the stick, and then go eat at the park. We eat. Shaun comes over and sits nearby looking the picture of ultimate depression, so jenny wanders over, hugs him, and invites him to sit with us. he does so and even makes a few amusing comments. We leave (terminally late) and i realise i have left the bead. Too late.

Dash back and sign in for art (I CANT DRAW I REALLY CANT) and geog (boring....zzz) and then the walk home whopee. Alice got lift but Rosie didnt notice so had to run back looking realy sheepish which made us lot all laugh hehe. Said bye, got home. Hung about outside, went to tesco. On the way to tesco i saw Tarin on a bike. I said "Oh look theres tarin" so of course the horn got beeped.


Tarin turned round, saw me, i turned round, he looked mortified and turned back, we turned the corner and i turned round to stare at him as he as me until i couldnt see him any longer. Then i laughed and yelled and laughed some more because it was quite amusing. Lalala.

Now im playing dumb games....arg im losing my mind to the joys of 'grow' - where you grow youre own planet, 'bloody pingu throw'- self explanatory, 'j20' - where you try to aim to the loo and get pissed simultaneously, 'orca slap' - aim penguins at a snow thing, 'bow man' - where you try to shoot a stick man, 'mad shark'- where you try and eat divers before they stab you, AND SO ON....
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